P.P.S. often handle applications whereby an enquirer seeks to establish a mobile home on site. This may be in relation to agricultural or other rural enterprise projects and we are experienced in the requirements to facilitate the provision of such accommodation, which is generally for a three-year period, leading ultimately to a permanent dwelling, subject to strict scale parameters and a financial report which suggests that the enterprise has the financial stability to pay for the erection of a permanent dwelling and its support for a period of time.

Specialist equine or agricultural assessments are quite often needed. Nevertheless, if the process is carried out in a straightforward manner, consent is relatively easily achievable in locations where new residential development in the first instance would seldom be permitted.

Equally, P.P.S. has been successful in the removal of agricultural and other ties in relation to equine and agricultural dwellings which remain long after the core business for which they were erected to support has disappeared or circumstances have changed. There is a strict protocol to deal with these applications and a knowledge of the regulations is vital.

There are also other types of mobile homes which relate to the tourist industry. P.P.S. has developed several caravan sites under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act, dealt with site licences and the change in use of some larger sites into new and different leisure and even residential developments.

Mobile homes equally play an important part in matters of enforcement and lawfulness. If a mobile home has been used as a permanent and only dwelling for a period of over four years and there have been no substantial breaks in that four-year period in the occupancy of the individual who resides there, it is possible to obtain immunity from enforcement action. The onus is on the Applicant to prove beyond reasonable doubt, together with evidence of say, payment of Council tax and other household bills independently.

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