A variety of sites contain elements of contaminated land, whether old mine workings or lime quarries or former mining operations for coal and stone, however quite often Contaminated Land Reports are required for land that has been used for a variety of industrial purposes, particularly where lubricants have been present, for example, former vehicle haulage and storage yards.

P.P.S. has experience of the correct process to follow by way initially of a desktop study and if contamination is found, a series of invasive studies, which can range from a few trial bore holes in the ground to a full remediation scheme.

Nevertheless, even small household developments can attract attention from the Council’s Contaminated Land officer if, for example, the site is within the proximity of a former landfill site, refuse site, or even if the land upon which a new extension or further dwelling is to be erected has had a previous sawmill use or other agricultural purpose. It is vital that a cost-effective regime and tactics and strategy are assessed at the initial stages of a proposed application.

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